Bob Marley is a legendary musician who is famous around the world, but one of the first things that come to mind when you talk about the reggae master aside from his music is the place where he was born – Jamaica!

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean – the third largest island at that. It’s a place that is most commonly associated with clear blue beaches that stretch far and wide – almost at infinity. A trip to Jamaica is truly an experience not only of the wonderful beach but also of the almost unending sunshine of the Caribbean and the culture of various ethnic backgrounds.

When you travel to Jamaica, your activities may include diving, beachcombing, river rafting, snorkeling, waterfall climbing, ballooning, horseback riding, mountain biking or just simply swaying on a hammock just to relax and watch the setting of the sun.

Some Fast Facts about Jamaica

Jamaica is 146 miles long and 22-51 miles wide. It is 4,411 square miles in size – a little smaller than Connecticut. Its capital is Kingston and the language spoken by the locals is English. Ethnic groups are comprised of Chinese, white, East Indian, mixed and Black, which is the majority.

The natural resources of the island are limestone, gypsum and Bauxite, which they also export to other nations, along with sugar, bananas, citrus and citrus products, coffee, cocoa and rum.


JamaicaAlthough majority of the people in Jamaica is of African descent, the population in this island of the Caribbean also consists of Europeans, Chinese, Arabic, and East Indian. Therefore, the Jamaicans are really quite multiracial.

Jamaica was once under the Spaniards, but it became a British colony in 1655 until 1962 when the country came to its independence.

Touring around Jamaica

If you are planning to go on a vacation to Jamaica, make sure to spare enough days for exploration as this island can never be explored in just a few days. Because of its diversified beauty, Jamaica is truly appealing to travelers from all around the world. From the spectacular waterfalls, the towering peaks of the Blue Mountain and the white sands of the beaches, Jamaica is truly a sight and experience to behold, waiting to be discovered.

When to schedule a trip to Jamaica

You can schedule a trip to Jamaica depending on how you want to experience the island. If you want it truly hot, you can go to Jamaica from July to August when the temperatures reach from 85 to 90 degrees-Celsius. If you want to go during a cooler season, February is the best month to schedule your trip to this breathtaking island. But regardless of when you are scheduling your visit, you will always be guaranteed with a fairly good weather, balmy trade winds and of course, plenty of sun!

If you want to save, you can schedule your trip during the off-peak season. Peak season for trips to Jamaica is between December 15 to April 15 and during this period, the rates are at their peak as well. The rates are at their highest of course during the New Year and Christmas holidays.

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