The Eastern Caribbean

Breathtaking photographs of the Caribbean are enough to entice one to visit. With its pristine white beaches, crystal-blue water and diverse culture, as well as its showcase of nature’s gifts such as its extraordinary reefs, volcanic peaks, and spectacular mountain ranges, anyone who visits the islands will definitely have something to come back for.

The Eastern Caribbean

The Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada and Barbados all make up the Eastern Caribbean. Most people are lured into traveling the Eastern Caribbean not only because of its beautiful beaches and natural attractions, but also because most travelers may make the most out of their dollar’s worth here. The currencies in these nations are stable. Thus, traveling on a budget is much easier when you make the Eastern Caribbean as your destination. Furthermore, many of the islands in the Eastern Caribbean have not yet developed tourist facilities that are overpriced.

Going on a Vacation to the Eastern Caribbean

Scheduling a trip to this part of the Caribbean is probably the best and most economical decision you’ll ever make this summer season. The Eastern Caribbean actually boasts of 7 top destinations that may take anyone’s breath (but not his money) away.


There are many ways to spend your time and money in Barbados well. Barbados has many hotel options and pink and white sand beaches. But Barbados is more than just that because this place is really rich in West-Indian culture. Furthermore, it has more sightseeing tourist attractions that all the other islands in the Caribbean.


Dominica has a gorgeous landscape, thrilling recreational activities and friendly locals, things that make up for not having five-star hotels. Travelers on a budget may find that Dominica is the perfect destination for them because prices here are really reasonable.


Antigua is best known for its beaches, which are mostly in coves. These beaches are calm because they are protected from rough surf, which is why they are perfect for diving and for other exciting water sports. However, this place offers more than just these wonderful beaches.

Snorkeling for instance, is a great way to fill up your entire vacation since it is generally not that costly. It may be best to have your own equipment, but there are also places where you can rent out masks, fins, and snorkels. When you snorkel and experience an entirely different world, you’ll find different types of fish and impressive formations of corals. In inexpensive places like Antigua, you’ll definitely enjoy your vacation much more.


Barbuda is part of the state of “Antigua and Barbuda”, which has about 1,500 people. It is located in the North of Antigua and around Guadaloupe, Montserrat, St. Kitts, St. Barts, Nevis and St. Martin.

Barbuda is actually one of the best beach destinations in the Caribbean islands. Most of the time, the beaches in Barbuda have no facilities, which is why it’s important to find a shade you can stay in to keep out of the sun for a time. You may think that you have seen everything in Barbuda if you have just seen one beach. However, each beach in Barbuda is more interesting than the last. And this could keep even the most pessimistic of travelers satisfied for hours.


Grenada is one of the island nations that make up the Eastern Caribbean. It has a breathtaking physical beauty that offers picture-perfect places such as its white sand beaches and wonderful coral reefs. But not only does Grenada offer these scenic views. It actually offers a whole lot more, including the vibrant cultural heritage and the rich history that Grenada has been shaped with.

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