Tips in Traveling to Caribbean

The Caribbean is an ideal place for anyone with their loved ones. As a matter of fact, there are a few places you can take your family and friends to in the Caribbean. Aside from that, there are numerous activities you can all participate in like water sports. In addition, travelers can also shop, hike, snorkel and do other eco-adventures for a more memorable and fun-filled family Caribbean vacation. There are actually resorts in the Caribbean that offer a fun vacation for families with various swimming pools, child-care options and restaurants. Of course, who can forget the white sand beaches that the Caribbean offers?

What island to choose for your Caribbean vacation with your family

If you have your kids with you, go to an island in the Caribbean that has many direct flights so that your trip will be much more convenient for you and your young children. Without having to change planes, you can avoid getting stressed out. The islands that have a large number of direct flights are Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands and Dominican Republic. These islands offer hundreds of direct flights weekly from North America.

These Caribbean islands also have great options for family dining and hotel accommodations. There are large resorts in these islands that offer fun-filled programs that cater to kids. Moreover, with these types of resorts, you no longer have to worry about finding kid-friendly restaurants, whether you are at a family fast food joint or at the resort.

Activities for Families traveling to the Caribbean

CaribbeanYour first priority should be to spend quality time with your loved ones on the beach. You can experience the challenging waves and winds of the beaches in the Dominican Republic where activities such as kiteboarding and windsurfing can be tried by you and your young children.

You can also try diving and snorkeling and see the wonderful underwater world in the Caribbean oceans. If you want a unique experience, you can try feeding the friendly Stingrays at the Stingray City on Grand Cayman or hiking in the El Yunque Rain Forest. You can also try night swimming with your family in Puerto Rico.

Packing for your Caribbean Vacation

Preparing for your exciting trip to the Caribbean is a very important phase in your vacation planning. This is because when you go to the Caribbean, you will be stepping on foreign soil. Thus, the more you need to pack well and prepare yourself by knowing more about your destination.

Caribbean packing is like packing for any other tropical destination. The first and most important thing to bring of course is your sun protecting lotion. But when going to the Caribbean with your family, be prepared to play and party.

But before anything else, make sure that you have all your travel documents with you in a safe and secure place. These documents include your driver’s license, valid passport, boarding passes or airline tickets. It’s ideal to have a carry-on bag with you so that your documents and pocket money are accessible.

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